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Beach goers will be able to


Blimps although there have been no official announcements Philadelphia city council began hearing this week on mayor Jim Kenney's budget which was revised to address a half a billion dollar shortfall in revenue in this analysis he wide abuse the city hall bureau chief Pat Loeb reports council members quibble with both the cuts and new revenue he's proposed the hearings are conducted online which is going to price in the smoothly for the most part council members take turns picking apart the mayor's budget each in his or her own way councilman Allentown passionately decried the mayor's proposal for a real estate tax increase to keep the school district solvent and then just as passionately criticized a relatively small cuts that would eliminate outreach about the federal earned income tax credit a favorite program if it's a couple of the new members proposed borrowing money for operating costs and finance director rob Dubow had to explain why that would end up costing more in the long run as debt service became part of the city's fixed costs for years mayor Jim Kenney who spent twenty three years in council says he's open

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Beach goers will be able to

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