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A twenty two point three percent on the other end of the spectrum though there were


Washington many states are now dealing with record unemployment amid the pandemic we're now getting a look at how each state is doing amid the backdrop of a fourteen point seven percent nationwide unemployment rate Paul brand is a west wing reports join John Erin on Skype take a little deeper look at what states are doing and which ones are being hit especially hard all of them saw jumps in April John forty three states set records and in several of them by huge margins the highest jobless rate by far no surprise I suppose Nevada where the jobless rate is get this twenty eight point two percent Las Vegas had just been devastated Michigan is next president trump was just there on Thursday of course twenty two point seven percent and in Hawaii heavily dependent on tourism the jobless rate there a twenty two point three percent on the other end of the spectrum though there were a couple of states that are still in the single digits faring relatively well here Connecticut seven point nine percent in Minnesota and Nebraska just over eight percent you know I've said before that with economic data in the second quarter of an election year tends to correlate are pretty tightly with election results later that year and in key swing states we're talking about a Florida Wisconsin Arizona Michigan Pennsylvania North Carolina the jobless rate since all of those are well into the double digits those states I just mentioned a hundred and one electoral votes all together what's the picture in our area Paul well Maryland is still in the single digits to rather surprisingly but just barely nine point nine percent every Genya which usually are the strongest of Byron jurisdictions is now ten point six percent to DC kind of raise the laggard as usual the jobless rate there eleven point one percent USA today and down Jones columnist Paul Brandis it tends to concert rather if trends continue to go in the current direction mayor Bowser says the first phase of re opening in DC could begin as early as may twenty ninth ahead of that date the real the DC advisory board organized by the mayor's office is offering recommendations for doing that safely for stage one the commission says residents should be able to return to parks and sports fields for low contact sports in calls for allowing outdoor dining at restaurants with appropriate social distancing in places and retailers should be allowed to offer curbside pick up also by appointment personal care services like hair cuts should be allowed one Maryland business owner keeps a positive outlook as she sees improvements says restrictions ease Michael Douglas Jones a Maryland gallery owner hit by the impact of the shutdown recalls agonizing waits on line to check in on Maryland's unemployment benefits site first time I get it I I think it was two and a half to three hours the last time I did it it was ordinance pops now

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A twenty two point three percent on the other end of the spectrum though there were

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