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Sir Richard Branson: Virgin Orbit rocket fails on debut flight


Out the first attempt by Richard Branson's virgin orbit to watch a test satellite into space failed Monday off the coast of southern California the plan was to launch the satellite aboard a rocket that was released from under the left wing of a Boeing seven forty seven jumbo jet over the Pacific Ocean but on its official Twitter launch commentary virgin orbit said after a clean release from the aircraft the mission terminated shortly into flight there were no further details the seven forty seven dubbed cosmic girl had taken off from Mojave air and space port in the desert north of Los Angeles hi Mike Rossi speaking of space entrepreneurs apparently E. long musk had a baby with somebody who calls herself crimes and they gave their son a name that sounds like a Tesla model musk tweeted earlier this month that the boy's name is X. eighty eight dash twelve mosque some people familiar with the arcane laws of the state of California pointed out that the state only allows names comprised of the twenty six known letters of the English language now Grimes has posted a new photo of the baby with an updated version of the name X. A. E. A. X. I. hi musk responding to enquiries about the change crimes wrote Roman numerals look better TBH so what does it mean you might want to write this down X. the first axis for the unknown A. ET Grimes explains as the elven spelling of a all right which also stands for artificial intelligence and is the word for love in Japanese Hey twelve is their favorite plane a respected reconnaissance plane no weapons no defenses just speed glad we could care about a a clear that up musk has five other kids from a previous marriage all of which have completely normal

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