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Sacramento, Andrew Cuomo And Pneumonia discussed on Bill Handel


Millions of Americans were amassed socially distance and reduce their activities even as states re open to varying degrees polls show significant majorities support a go slow approach there are some protesters demanding more normal see these are the California state capitol in Sacramento the mitigation efforts amassed in distancing all are working says New York governor Andrew Cuomo announcing all numbers are trending down in the St new hospitalizations and deaths for the first time there's been fewer than a hundred deaths in a day almost as early in the pandemic a doctor told him that if you get debts reduced to under a hundred that's positive reservoir one hundred is what people are going to pass away when they're ill and often it's pneumonia or it's something else but if you can get under one hundred I think you can breathe a sigh of relief governor saying of it of tracing and other workers are ready by Tuesday a bunch of counties north of New York City can re open after being in port at the U. S. Pacific island Guam for almost eight weeks following a corona virus outbreak that affected nearly a quarter of the crew the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt is back at sea commanding officer captain Carlos circular while at sea were enforcing strict cleaning protocols and maintaining social distancing as part of our phased approach to returning the shift operations noting the double whammy of battling coated nineteen cases and record flooding from two dam breaks forcing thousands of evacuations Michigan senator Gary Peters saying one priority ahead is building stronger dams and it's clear every dollar we invest now is we rebuild and if we build it right and we build it strong it'll end up saving much more money down the road the news center rep to the mid Michigan area inundated by the flood waters for the first time since.

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Sacramento, Andrew Cuomo And Pneumonia discussed on Bill Handel

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