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SpaceX now dominates rocket flight, bringing big benefits to NASA



Space space x has been heavily revenue funded. And you know lots of that by NASA There's a great publication which is a great thing about NASA as as a government agencies. Everything's public services audit. It's called audit of commercial resupply services to the International Space Station and this is publishing in two thousand eighteen. That has great diagram of money that flowed to different companies spacex. Boeing orbit all Sierra Nevada. Others and what flowed for all the different programs? Be It commercial crew or Worshiping people. Up and SPACEX has received seven point seven billion dollars in contracts from NASA for launches which is is is astounding compared to a company. That would be trying to sort of do as much as SPACEX has done without actually having a customer on the end of every rocket it'd be it'd be impossibly hard. I mean they would. It would take so much more capital and it would change your priorities. And what spacex really has has done here and. I don't think I realized this. Every time I'm watching. One of these SPACEX launches and getting all excited about a new piece of technology On that rocket which by the way there's a new piece of technology on every rocket every single mission they fly is is different hardware than the previous one because they're constantly iterating every time they do that almost every time. Save for tenor so There's there's a customer that's paying them money to to send that thing up and so you know NASA has been responsible for seven point seven billion of that. The other thing that NASA has put in money for which has been really interesting is when you mentioned the spaceship David which ultimately be called the Dragon Capsule Developing the sum. Total the Falcon nine which were about to go into the story of and the dragon that cost about four hundred million dollars of Nasr's money and about four hundred and fifty million dollars spacex his money to to go and develop that and at some point NASA did an internal audit to basically say well. How much would that cost us if we didn't sort of bid this out To space x to go and do this you know if we had built this the way that we built the space shuttle. How much would that have cost us? And it basically what they find as the numbers about four billion. Wow so it is the cost absolutely like say what you will about. Wow spacex really got in there and scored that NASA contract. But they're they're saving NASA an enormous amount of money by sort of taking on the risk to vertically integrate all of this and making much cheaper her raucous.

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