Will Dak Prescott Sign A Long Term Deal With The Dallas Cowboys?


Prescott. There is two hours and fifty one minutes left until Dak, Prescott, and Dallas Cowboys can work in extension if not he will be under the franchise tag for the next season earning himself thirty one point four million dollars guaranteed. With the potential chance I, guess up after this season or get franchise tag again. He is now the third quarterback in the history of franchise tags and the NFL to play on the franchise tag. If that happens obviously before after four o'clock drew brees that it what the San Diego chargers. He leaves Don Kirk cousins, does it? What The Washington redskins twice? He leaves town, so history says Dak Prescott will play. This franchise tag may be getting again even but not in Dallas Cowboy long-term. If Your Dad, how do you feel? Do you pumped about thirty one point? Four million dollars guaranteed because if I'm looking at that piece of paper I'm like fucking here we go. Yeah. He's got to be torn. I would imagine I'm sure you're excited. Okay? I'm going to be the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys for another year. MC, thirty one million guaranteed, but he doesn't feel like he has that long term security that he wants from the team. McKay. You think I'm your guy. You're willing to pay thirty one MIL for one year. Why doesn't that don't you think you should give me five six year extension and give me big time money for down the road? That's where he's gotTA. Be Thinking, but so if he doesn't do it today though. He will become a free agent. When the League year starts next March right now after the season they can negotiate. There's another window after the season before free agency to work a long term deal. I actually had that happened after I got franchise tag the day before free agency, we worked a five year deal or four year deal, so I never hit the market, but I was franchise tag the year before, so they could still potentially do that, but I guess I five year deal was offered to Prescott. Numerous Times but DAK wants a four year deal. Cowboys won a five year deal and we've been told by everybody around the cowboys and that knows the organization that that is literally. The only holdup is a one year difference so that's very interesting to me because it feels like there's it's much bigger than just a one year difference there. Thirty three to thirty five million dollars offered with over one hundred million dollars guaranteed, so if you look at that, they know that the cowboys won a five year deal that means three years of that deal was guaranteed. The other two were not locked in for five years as opposed to attack once for four, so everybody's assuming he's going to sign that deal. They're not going to get a deal done, but it's interesting because. He could potentially get thirty seven point four or something next year if he gets franchise tag thirty seven point nine if he gets franchise tag again I, don't see them running into the situation next free agency. I don't. There's no way that the franchise tagging him again they would. You would think they get the deal done I think that they're trying to see if he and Mike McCarthy going to work, I honestly believe that I think there's now granted. They made him one hundred million dollar guarantee already, so maybe I'm wrong in thinking

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