Your Kids are Not Going to get COVID-19, or Give it to Teachers - burst 6



It? They're not little germ factories for COVID, nineteen or not gonNA readily spread it to a teacher. Even the most teachers are. Relatively young, but even to the older teachers you, these children are little germ, factories and vectors of covid nineteen, the argument to keep school shutdown teachers unions want to keep school shutdown. Teachers Unions want to keep kids on virtual learning teachers unions are what is behind the driving force to pressure progressives not to reopen schools again twenty two European countries at the height at the height of the pandemic open schools up and let kids go back to school. What did they find? Kids were fine. What else did they find? Teachers were fine. Kids were not the problem. Send the kids back to school and think about what Wendy said when she took her kid off online learning. And had him do his learning offline meeting with real proper books reading reading actual material. Being taught by a human being. His scores went up by twelve points in reading twelve points. That is not statistically insignificant. That's an order of magnitude difference for her child in middle school again one more time in Wisconsin the number of kids that have tested positive for covert nineteen is vanishingly small three percent. Three percent those kids are not the problem. They are not as readily spreading it even when they do contract corona virus,

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