Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt tests positive for coronavirus


Governor Kevin Step tests positive for cope in 19. I'm Beth Myers in the news Radio. 1000 Katie. Okay, News center. The governor of Oklahoma apparently becomes the first governor in the country to test positive for covert 19. Here's Margot Murano governor Kevin Stitt made the announcement today saying he has tested positive for Koba 19. I felt a little bit yesterday, I didn't have a fever, but just a little bit, so I just did my regular Testing and it came back Positive s O. I just want to be transparent with Oklahomans. He says he will work from home until he is cleared and will remain isolated from his wife and Children who he says have tested negative. He says he still is not going to mandate that Oklahomans where a mask as it would be problematic to enforce. Says he doesn't know where he got the virus, but that the timeline doesn't fit for him to have contracted it during President Trump's recent rally in Tulsa, meanwhile, Coben

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