Dallas Cowboys' Dak Prescott will play on franchise tag of $31.4M


This was the biggest surprise I think I've said on this show. Eighty million times I thought this was going to get done We were recording this thirty seconds before the franchise tag deadline at like three, fifty, nine, twenty, five, as I'm saying this so you know. Knock on wood that it holds true, but Dak Prescott will officially going kirk cousins route as his long term extension with Dallas cowboys was left. negotiated a long term deal reports indicate that the sides broke off talks as early as march in never really hop back on the wagon the cowboys would like you to know and I wrote back in September that they were offering him more than one hundred million dollars in guarantees. Guarantees which depending on if it's a practical guarantees, are actual monetary guarantees would be an NFL record Dak Prescott would like you to know that they also insisted on an extra year of service for that privilege. It looked like he was. He was searching for more something along the lines of the Russell, Wilson, deal where it was more of a four year more compact thing, and then you can dip again, for your thirty Still Shocked I think he's a top five quarterback I thought Seth Wall Dirty Espn made a good point that if you had to round up, Fi, you know. Two or three quarterbacks that you were sure in five years, we're still going to be top five quarterbacks Dak. Prescott would certainly be one of them so I don't understand why this didn't get done I think it's a gigantic financial mistake. for the cowboys of cost themselves now the franchise tag now becomes the floor. The next franchise tag now becomes the floor for the next negotiating period, and so on and so on. We've seen how this works out. But what's the deal I wonder you know he's? He's one of the most efficient players in the league. He fits well in the offense. You kept the coordinator. Is this Mike McCarthy saying? I WANNA. Get a look at the Sky I. Yeah this one is surprising as well to me. Connor I mean it seemed like they were the last couple of weeks headed toward their kirk cousins situation, but it's still kind of stunning that they took care of their running back before their quarterback like this all dates back to that decision to sign Ezekiel Elliott I instead of taking care of the quarterback, and that and they end up here and now they're in this as you referenced this. Three, year kind of tag situation where the numbers go up, which obviously is the base negotiating point for a long term deal, so you know next year would be. This year's tag is about thirty one million next year tag is like thirty seven and a half million or so, and then they have a choice between the transition and a super high franchise tag the year after that as opposed to the long-term deal. Deal

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