Pence urges school reopening in Louisiana amid virus surge


President Mike. Pence traveled to Louisiana's capital. A Baton Rouge on Tuesday continuing White House push to reopen schools in the fall fence acknowledged the alarming surge of new corona virus cases across the sunbelt. Still he said officials have the needed tools to safely reopen classrooms to people of Louisiana and this team. Have what you need when. When you need it and we're GONNA. Stay with you every step of the way. The vice president heard there at Louisiana State University where he met with lawmakers, college officials and governor John Bel Edwards Edwards. Crat praised pence's response to the pandemic in his date. He has been paying attention close attention to the state Louisiana from the very beginning of of this emergency. He has communicated with me frequently and his team. He runs the White House of our task. Force has been extremely responsive. To the state of Louisiana but Louisiana is not throwing open classroom doors this fall instead his state is taking a measured approach to restarting schools allowing local systems to determine whether to resume classes on site. Some districts are planning in person instruction others, preferring online distance learning, and some districts of announced a hybrid approach at Lsu some students will be able to attend classes on campus, though many other courses will be held online.

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