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Me, Dr Fauci said. Don't get stuck on is the death rate. So I want to talk about that. As it relates statistically and also about the delay in testing doctor found. She's saying that if you don't get it The results within 14 days as it relates to contact tracing. You're kind of wasting your time's. We'll talk more about all of that. When we come back. It is 7 20 time now for traffic on well From the bl, which you could be medical traffic center of Josh Riddle. She's still very quiet this morning on I 10 through Kenner and Metarie, those slowdowns at all between the bonnet, Carrie spillway and downtown from the east on I 10. You've also got no delays getting up past the high rise bridge. 6 10 Traffic Smooth both directions there. Same for all your river crossings with the shaman. Now, just various operating normally over the causeway Bridge. Road work remains north bound on the right land at Mile Marker 7.1 have a traffic tip called Bill. 504 to 6. Owen phone. I have had four mortgage transactions in my life. They have all been with fifth District Savings Bank because I am from here.

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