'Golden Girls' House For Sale at $3 Million


But the one that I'm talking about today is the home that they used for the exterior shots on the golden girls. So this is the golden girls. How it's not the one that they filmed in that was filmed on a soundstage, not in Florida at all. But when you saw the exterior shots of the house It's this house that is now for sale. It was built in 1955. It's a 29 100 square foot home. Four bedrooms, three baths first time since 1955 that the show this home has gone on the market, Bob, it can be yours for just under $3 million. Where Where is it? It's in the Brentwood area. A nice, Yeah, the Brentwood area and so very nice neighborhood. You know you're driving. I looked it up on Google and you? No, I'm looking for the address, and then you pull up on the home and there it is. It's just like all those shots that you've seen. Ah, the show Where you driving around there? Because you want to look at the O. J. Simpson house, which I think is not there anymore, right? Yeah, I think that's the case. I wasn't looking for OJ's house. I was just being a complete door Tourists.

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