Some kind of release, and that didn't happen.


Hasn't tried to flee the country. In the last 11 years From the first time he got arrested to the second time he got arrested. That didn't work. So then they argued, Okay, how about this? You know Cove. It's real scary. How bout of Jilin while she's awaiting trial, which is until next summer? How about if she stays in house arrest in a luxury Manhattan hotel, and they didn't go for that either? She going to jail? Now what constitute a luxury Manhattan hotel. We're not talking about the Doubletree there, either The Red Roof Inn. She's going to stay at the Waldorf Historia. I think that's closed. The last time I was in New York. I was staying across the street from the Waldorf Astoria, and it looked like it had. I don't know, some kind of like black mold on this entire side of the building, and I was walking down the street. I thought to myself, it's looking pretty run down for a Waldorf. And the hotel was closed. I guess they were renovating it and presumably taking the black mold out. But apparently G. Lynn broke down into tears when they denied her motion. So she was of the belief that the judge was going to grant her some kind of release, and that didn't happen. Well,

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