Poland election result: Narrow victory for conservative incumbent Andrzej Duda


President Andrew has won the country's election after a closely fought contest. Let's get the latest now. With bortles Warsaw correspondent Annabel Chapman get off. Annabelle it's. It's a very very very tight. Vote me does that? Is that in itself? Instructive? Does that tell us anything extra? It really shows that the country is very divided. The two candidates. Who Represent different different outlooks? I wanted. Then you know what what Marcus can we can we going then about? The direction the country's headed, and we know, of course as so often misses a narrative we see and a lot of countries that have populace in in charge. It's about relationship with external stay. organizations like the European. Union etc, D-. Can we now start to see the next steps that Poland may take even if it's slightly tentative well. Reelection Andrzej do the conservative president means that the country will continue going in the same direction as it has been going, which means a strengthening of the ruling party's grip on the stage in its democratic institutions under. The this is one of the key narratives I guess. If we look across the Western media the papers here in this country, lots of people we've spoken to. Is this deep concern about you know pressure being brought to bear on the? Judiciary areas like civil rights gay rights. and people said you know although they knew that do is likely to be return. They held out some hope that we could see some progress there, but it definitely doesn't feel that, does it? and. Hope that. Trust skied, Wilson was liberal woodwind, and even less my as the exit polls where being announced, there was still a lot of hope among liberal voters I was at the election evening. Mr Scope Skin W- also, and there were a lot of young people that who already holding out until the last minutes won't just to that point. Is there any prospect you think of any? Any contest contesting of the results as you said already very slim, and when the votes that marginally sometimes you can see these things to the the courts. Any is anyone you hearing that from anybody? I mean there will definitely be complaints filed to the cords. It's a question of how serious complaints are and how seriously they are taken by the courts because the cold saw. To some extent controlled by the ruling party now exactly. Could speak to you. Thanks for your time as always. That was Monica's Warsaw correspondent. Annabel Chapman with the latest

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