One man holds multiple trademarks on potential Washington Football Team replacement names

Woody & Wilcox


Football fan at all to sort of find a little bit of interest in the fact that. The former team of the Washington redskins in the NFL and decided that they're going to drop the name Redskins after many many years of people you know saying. Hey, you're going to drop that name and you know the logo and everything. They're getting rid of it. And when we talked about that maybe a week ago, whenever that was five days ago three days ago, however long, it was There was the story about a guy who lived in the DC area. Just a guy. He is a lawyer. I believe who was sort of squatting. On trademarked, potential new names for the Redskins, he trademarked a bunch of different names. Trademarks squatter. They call them. And obviously the reason why people do trademark squatting. is to make, money. Oh you. WanNa Changer named the. Washington red tails. Well, you know what it just so happens. I have that trademarked for apparel, and for use on a football field, and so hello. Washington, if you WANNA use that. You'RE GONNA. Have to pay me X. amount. That's why you would assume somebody is squatting on. A trademark liked that sure. That is. Why this guy in this particular case says that he has these trademarks. He wants a box seats for the rest of his life. He doesn't want cash. He wants some sort of. Trade or a special day for him so. He gets to quarterback. Well I mean he couldn't do much worse. No, that's not it at all. He loves them and he is a part of the team and he's helping them. I I'M GONNA. Give it to you for that I. Mean it's not a word for word quote from the Guy. WHO's sixty one years old by the way? I wish they'd tell me what I need to do to get out of their way to change the name if I'm some sort of obstacle. I want them to change. The name and I'm embarrassed. If I did anything that slows that process down, he said. Still quoting I thought if I hoarded all the good names that would keep somebody else. From horning those names and being a pain in the neck to Washington for them to get the name from. He says, and I guess this is true because there's a paper trail on July fourth. Days after Washington announced that they would kick off a thorough review of their name. To them and said I'd to offer you any of these names for free.

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