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White House rejects CDC guidelines for safe reopening as United States death toll surpasses 75,000; Valet to President Trump tests positive for coronavirus; Federal government not tracking antibody testing from all states; - burst 4


Antibody tests are key to getting the country back to work. But A in an investigation finds unreliable. Tests are leading to lots of confusion across the country. Let's go to our senior. Investigative correspondent Drew Griffin. He's got details drew. What are you learning that? The confusion surrounding these antibody test is leading to a lot of problems with knowing what to do with the data. As far as we can tell Wolf there is no national plan to use that the antibody test a blood test that can tell whether someone has. Kovic nineteen even without symptoms has been so important. President trump last month announced the test would be a major decision maker in getting America back to work. We're also working to bring blood based cereal's test to the market as quickly as possible so that Americans can determine whether or not they have already had the virus and potentially have immunity but as millions of antibody tests are being shipped across the country a CNN analysis finds there's no coordinated effort by the federal government to track the full number or all the raw data of those tests from every state like other areas of the US's corona virus response. The antibody testing process has been confusing. A mix of false starts changing rules and no coherent plan for all the states to report results. The way it usually works is that data is fed into the various state departments. Then the state health departments will often funnel information to the CDC but many states aren't collecting any antibody testing data of the forty one state health departments that responded to CNN's questions only twenty two states. That they are currently collecting some data on antibody testing and only California New York and Louisiana said. They require it. One of the problems has been that the a lot of the tests that have been given temporary authorisation. Turn out to be not very accurate as CNN has reported in its rush to jumpstart antibody testing across the country in March the FDA allowed antibody tests to be sold without any federal review and many inaccurate tests flooded the market this week the FDA reverse that policy now requiring tests makers to prove tests work like they should but the damage was already done or Oregon's health department said antibody testing data are of dubious reliability. Several other states like Vermont saying the tests are not accurate enough to use them for any public planning. There are a couple of reasons that we really want to know. Who's had this virus? The first is just to figure out where we are on the epidemic curve and that has really important implications policies. Like whether we're going to go back to work and whether we're going to reopen schools the CDC is only collecting data from some states. But it's also doing what's called. Sarah prevalent surveys collecting blood samples from labs across the country that were originally used for other purposes like routine cholesterol chests and performing testing to look for antibodies in

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