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Can Your Eyes Pop Out Of Your Head When You Sneeze?



If you sneeze hard enough and keep your eyes open while you do. It could your eyes pop out of their sockets fe their brains stuff. It's Christian Sager. If you're a person who has a nose eyeballs? You've probably noticed that when you sneeze. Your eyelids naturally snapped shut. It's the reason that sneezing while driving is a terrifying roulette game of death. But I've got a question for you when you were a kid. Did you hear the story that if you managed to resist this reflects and hold your eyes open during a sneeze that they would pop out of your head? I did in fact my ninth grade science teacher. Mrs Abraham told me this. Is it true though? Well short answer almost definitely not. Unfortunately we can't be perfectly certain as we would all like to be about this particular topic so here are the facts fact. One your eyes can pop out of their sockets. It's not very common but it can happen. Doctors Call Interior bulging of the eye beyond its normal orbit a case of exit. Thelma's if the gets dislocated from it's socket enough. That is equator is literally outside. Your retracted eyelids. This is known as globe blood. Sation fact number two if you WANNA sleep soundly tonight and every other night for the rest of your life you should not search the web. For images of globalization fact number three globalization is rare but it can be caused by a number of conditions of course gouging out an eyeball with a finger another instrument. That will do it. Some various types of traumatic head injury can cause the eyeballs to pop out of their sockets. Many cases of spontaneous globalization in the medical literature have happened while the I was being messed with in some ways such as during the application of a contact lens are drops or when a doctor was manipulating the eyelids during an exam. Violent vomiting has also been cited as a cause of eyeball dislocation. And I might add that. Whoever this refers to has my sympathies because that sounds like the worst day ever now if we are to believe our historical sources there may have been a few cases where a sneeze knocked. Somebody's eyeball out for example in April of Eighteen. Eighty to A. Us newspaper reported that a woman on Street car in Indianapolis burst one of her eyeballs in. The middle of sneezing fit. Whether this means she suffered globalisation or that are eyeball just up exploded or that. Journalists in the eighteen eighties sometimes reported rather dubious stories. Look it's hard to say but if we look at the more recent sources a two thousand to study reviewed. The Twenty. Six cases of spontaneous globalisation then known to the medical world. While most of the cases they found were triggered by manipulation of the eyelids the authors did also claim that a small number were brought on by other triggers including things like crying coughing nose-blowing bending over and yes sneezing so sneezing might have caused the dislocation of the eyeball in a very very small number of known cases. But just keeping your eyes open during the sneeze have anything to do with it as I said before almost definitely not and it true that eyeball dislocation. Doesn't happen every time you sneeze with your eyes open because you can go to youtube right now and look up videos of people sneezing with their eyes open. It's not easy but some people can do it in their eyeballs are. They're fine and they seem to enjoy showing off this disgusting trick but the complete lack of correlation between open is an eyeball. Pop Edge is a combination of the fact that sneezing almost never if ever causes the as to pop out. And the fact. That your eyelids. Don't really do any of the work of keeping your eyeballs in their sockets to begin with instead. Your eyeballs are primarily held in place by a combination of six muscles known as the extra ocular muscles. They control the movements of the eyes and are much stronger than the eyelids. So whether or not you can manage to keep your eyes open during a sneeze probably has little to no effect on the chances that your eyes will pop out and those chances are very very slim in the first place though possibly not zero

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