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Welcome to kiss myths and mystery. Signed your host kid chrome today. I'm continuing my investigation. Into the question are flying saucers man-made or other worldly in this investigation I come again and again up to the front door area fifty one. I use a lot of the freedom of Information. Act For some of my research as well as a few contacts have and freedom of Information Act has gotten me nothing on area fifty one. I will share an excellent resource with you at the end of this podcast but right now. I'm working with the idea that has been out for decades. So where are all these flying saucers? Where are all these aliens looking at area fifty one or many suspect at UF Os and even aliens our house? It's important to keep in mind but the various so-called areas that would be eleven fourteen and twenty five and fifty one to mention just a few of the secured areas of the base arose during the Cold War. This was a time when we were flying spy planes over Russia and China and they were spying on us in the way of ufo and aliens are at area fifty one we may never know for sure but from the nineteen sixty six school yard sighting of a Ufo and Australia witness by hundreds of school children. Three hundred actually and their teachers. There is a lot of evidence. Flying Saucers really exist. And as I mentioned some of the science based answers to our they're flying saucers are there are really silly. Also might research. I determined that a cover up of certain knowledge by the government or scientific community or science based industry is expressed as a denial factor the best way to illustrate this is simply to observe politicians. If a political body or individual denies that long enough the public will eventually believe that it never happened kind of Gullible. American public there. There are few true attempted cover-ups you could look at the flying saucer crash in Roswell as one and the Kennedy assassination as number another. Unfortunately most of these cover-ups are successful and I can't pin them down as cover-ups so we had the denial factor regarding all things alien fly saucer when a flying saucer alien is encountered by handful of individuals. Say Five to ten people. The is dismissed as a sign of a weather balloon and more recently as a test aircraft. That same explanation is twisted a bit but when used with strange lights the night but it's the same excuse in the event of twenty or thirty or in one case Australia. Hundreds of witnesses seen the same exact thing. Then the science says oh it's mass hysteria. Individual sightings are too numerous to explain but a brief lock mass hysteria over the centuries is another matter in sociology and psychology. Mass hysteria is a phenomenon. That transmits collective allusions of threats whether real true Population Society back in Sixteen Ninety two. We have the most famous the Salem witch trials which were the result of fear community hostility imagination and religion all resulting in mass hysteria. I personally interviewed a navigator of a Flying Fortress Play Chicken with follow by FOO fighters during World War. Two when they were flying over the Pacific. This was actually one thousand nine hundred forty four. When it occurred entire crew witnessed all the events fatigue mass hysteria I S. He didn't think so. Finally we have the conundrum of thinking if the existence of something be disproved. Does that mean it exists or put another way? Should we believe everything we think? On Monday I will be looking inside area. Fifty one with every resource I have given you an idea of its structure of tunnels that do exist and I promised to share a resource with you is called Area Fifty One. This is a book. An uncensored history of America's top secret military base is by investigative reporter Anne Jacobson and she talked to over twenty five individuals who are retired ranging from age five to ninety four that had worked within by area fifty one in the book. There are incredible photographs at a never before published. She was granted a lot of information a lot of access. But keep in mind that whatever. She was granted well that was meant to be seen. It was okay. They wouldn't be showing her anything. That was super top secret.

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