Fred Willard, the comedic improv-style actor, has died at 86


Comedic actor Fred Willard has died at the age of eighty six according to his daughter details of his death were not given I marquees are a letter with a look at his career but not get too close it'll pick up part of the band I'm joking of course so we go in and I'll show you around Fred Willard usually had small roles that were scene stealers like the colonel greeting the rock band in spinal tap and the announcer in best in show who knew nothing about dogs he also played Phil's father in the ABC series modern family willing first rose to prominence during sketches on Johnny Carson's tonight show and as Martin mall side kick on Fernwood tonight in twenty twelve he was arrested for suspicion of committing a lewd act at a Hollywood adult theater he said he did nothing wrong and no charges were filed Willard's final role is on the upcoming Netflix series space force

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