Lady Antebellum changes band name over connection to slavery


Of country music's most successful axes shedding the the name name atop atop for for nearly nearly fourteen fourteen years years because because it it could could be be racially racially insensitive insensitive lady antebellum will now go buy it lady a after they say the original name left him embarrassed because of the word antebellum heavy association with American slavery known for their delicate country sound lady antebellum is making a loud proclamation Hillary Scott Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood have been making music together for more than a decade under the name lady antebellum lady this lady this the lady got two guys and a girl in the CBS Sunday morning interview from twenty eleven the trio explained to Ben Tracy the story behind the band's name centered around the southern antebellum style homes where they took their first group photos tell us because we have it and I was like okay Hey guys lady antebellum is different that we like that we sold or you know on it and I was like okay fine you know if we're lucky enough to get a record deal it will probably first thing we're sure of that yeah be the first thing to go but it's still its stock for nearly fourteen years but after nationwide protests over racial inequality the band promptly dropped antebellum from their name and will move forward as lady Hey they are dressed fans with a long statement writing in part we did not take into account the associations that way down this word referring to the period of history before the civil war which includes slavery adding our hearts have been stirred with conviction our eyes open wide to the injustices blind spots we didn't even know existed have been revealed I think what lady aided and showing that if you have a a pastor of a part of your identity your band name your song titles you can change that Nashville based music journalist Marissa moss there's a lot of fear in the country there's just a huge fear that if you speak out you lose airplanes to go lose fans and I think it's a gross misunderstanding of the base the country audience in that same statement lady a directly addressed the question many might be asking this morning why are you only making the change now they go on to say they can make no excuses for their lateness in this realization sank what we can do is acknowledge it turned from it learn from it and take action that CBS is Vladimir duty a

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