South Philly Gun Shop Owner Shoots, Kills Looter


Police say the owner of a south Philly gun shop shot and killed one of a group of suspected looters earlier this morning he would have used him as is live in Penns work with more on the incident to him what's going on out there yeah yeah J. well investigators they've been here all morning at the firing line ink gun shop it's on Front Street and Greenwich right by I. ninety five police say the owner of the shop the sixty seven year old man was sleeping here because someone recently tried to break in so four o'clock this morning chief inspector Scott small says the owner saw on his surveillance monitor three or four guys at the back gate they had told Congress and their hands and they forced open the door when they got to the second floor and confronted the owner of the business one of the males pointed a gun at him a small says the owner then shot the gunman dead while the others were able to run away he says later on a man who had been shot in the the shoulder shoulder showed showed up up at at Jefferson Jefferson hospital hospital for for treatment treatment a a part part of of this this investigation investigation is is to to see see if if that that man man who who had had a a gunshot gunshot wound wound is is one one of of the the guys guys who who got got away away from from here here J. J. a a police police are are also also looking looking at at surveillance surveillance video video and and they've they've talked talked to to the the store store owner owner about about what what happened happened here here

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