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New York City, Bill De Blasio And Joe Biden discussed on The Troubleshooter


ABC news on David right New York City is extending its curfew following more unrest mayor bill de Blasio says an eight PM to five AM curfew in the city will be in place for the rest of the week the presumptive democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is accusing president trump of fanning the flames of hate in a rare campaign appearance today at Philadelphia city hall Biden urged Congress to end what he called systemic racism it's time to pass legislation will give true meaning to our constitutional promise of equal protection under the law one of the president's closest allies in Congress is calling the George Floyd incident quote a long overdue wake up call to the country senator Lindsey Graham says there are too many of these cases were African American men died in police custody under fairly brutal circumstances Graham said the judiciary committee a committee that he chairs will investigate this is ABC news thousands in Israel have been tested for covert nineteen antibodies and the results may be surprising more than ten times the number of Israelis were infected by the corona virus than previously known those are the eye opening results of the first antibody survey conducted by Israel's national center for disease control over two hundred thousand Israelis between two and three percent of the population got cove in nineteen well just seventeen thousand cases were officially confirmed the results indicate that the virus spreads even faster than we thought the number of people who show no symptoms is significantly higher and that the mortality rate may be much lower Giordana Miller ABC news Jerusalem after months in lockdown cafe culture is returning to Paris that city's cafes and restaurants are partially open with social distancing measures in place Paris city hall authorize the opening of outdoor seating areas indoor seating will remain closed at least for the time being David Wright ABC news let's say you do just bought a house news.

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