Comedians Speak Out On George Floyd Killing


Lot of comedians not comedian while comedians I guess technically they are comedians and and talk show host and tons of celebrities of course are speaking out about the and the the death of George Floyd here in the Twin Cities at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer and it kinda know Brian did a very serious show last night he made opening comments and then he spent the rest of his time with van Jones here's part of his show open we have a ritual now in America whenever something terrible happens our nation goes into shock and hundreds of people like myself come on television and try to make sense of it all we're rightfully second by the needless killing of a black man named George Floyd our national crisis is that a large and vital community in our country is in real pain pain because they do not feel safe or dignified or seen and most important of all they do not feel hurt eight you know it's kind of on the same sentiment throughout you know from people commenting like Cohn and I really appreciate that they do step away from regular programming to do just a dress the seriousness of the situation and sometimes it can make I I I think that you know news outlets obviously they're working around the clock on this kind of a thing in there they're they're used to dealing with serious tumble when you find someone who is a comedian by nature and a downshift into more of a serious tone to address something I actually think that they can have it as an opportunity to have more of a profound impact on the hearer the listener the audience yes because it's just like well why don't you decide and then let's listen what this person has to say absolutely I'm at Jimmy Fallon also had a serious tone to his show last night on that we've got part of his message about you know the recent civil rights protests and concerns the silence is the biggest crime that white guys like me and the rest of us are doing we need to say something we need to keep saying something and we need to stop saying that's not OK more than just one day on Twitter we all need to be talking about this it's not going to get buried it's not going away we can just hope that everyone loves each other we can't say be the change and just sit around tweeting be the change be the change what is the change how do I change how do I do it this is such a long route in the ground it is so long indeed but we gotta get in there we have to dig it up

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