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The carnivorous woman a saga from Charles Darwin to Wheatbelt Western Australia (Part 2)


And nine and evenly just found out about a but she wrote a book on carnivorous plants. In wwl United Sixty is I graduated high school in two thousand nine. Sorry and then just started a my sort of. Janney to become a botanist. After that say it's just yeah. I just love to learn more about her. So what about if I said? Let's go to the Westralian herbarium and check out some of the specimens. She denied it to Barium. I would love that. The herbarium is a vast library of specimens and seeds sampled from W. is incredible diversity of plants. And let's made a former head of the herbarium I because at one year old botanist Dr Naval margins path crossed Rica Erickson's when he was just a boy. I guess when I was a child. There's a Bush land not far from home and used to go and look at orchids and things like that are really fell in love with a an unseen insectivores plans and I was really fascinated by that. Here was a plant living near my backyard could catch insects and dissolve them and I found that not macabre but really interesting so I proceeded to grow these things when I was quite young around about eleven or twelve. What were those plants they call draw surro- and it so happens the Westralia. The South Western Australia is a real maker. Most of the drivers in the world is fairly worldwide genus on there so many in south Western Australia that it's really remarkable area. A real hot spot for these Sundays and so I had a chance of showing some of these. Some Pot. Plants at wildlife show was in the town hall and in those days knows this particular. One was organized by the famous Harry. Butler look at that bag. Aiding the plan. But that's wrong. Harry Butler the laconic naturalist dictating all cocky. He went on to host cult primetime. Abc TV series in the wild in the late. Nine Seventy S in fact that plant which grows here in this swampy country where the nitrogen is very low makes up its oxygen supply by actually aging bucks it catches them and sticky hairs them and so build up its supply but at the start of the nineteen fifties when Neville margin was a keyed showing his pot plants at the wildlife show Harry was involved in the Wi naturalists club. As was one person came up to me rather thin prim looking lady and I had a label on the plan to one of them. An put used the name draw. Surra return to folio because only had English botany books and that was an English plant and she said owner. That's not that she was very polite but very firm and she said no that's draws stolen if Fra and I said Oh and she told me she was Rica Erickson. She was preparing a book on. These things are nearly died but she was very polite. Very firm and author Hollandia of the wrong name on this terrible but I soon learned. I found her rather frightening but then I was probably shy. And she was just so knowledgeable and so well respected that. I guess I was just a bit intimidated but but she was very polite..

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