The Data Behind Police Violence - burst 04


Is complicated clearly, these have been largely peaceful protests at the same time I. Think we've seen a bit of property damage as well and I think the word violence is sort of. The language again is you're saying maid is is important, so is it a riot, or is it an uprising or rebellion? Right and I think in history. Look like the Boston Tea Party will doubtless a whole bunch of looting, and that would be described as a violent protest if that were happening today and yet in history books, it's sort of a this patriotic expression of the colonists need for democracy in rebellion against the British. British so again. I language is important I think the media in general has tended to describe him as violent protests, but the videos that I've seen most of the videos where violence against people. It's being committed by the police. So you know it is, it is interesting when we think about real who is committing most of the balance who gets blamed or how to reframe what's happening and where the violence is happening. There clearly are people who are joining on these protests. Plenty of videos online. Just people who are being told to to stop not to not do this, and they tend to be coming in and causing damage that that local community including local protesters haven't really supported and are trying to stop so. There are a lot of people out there. It's happening in dozens of cities. I'm so there will be complications nuance

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