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But are we really gonna sit here and say that peaceful protesting is the only answer


Of the information I read from that complaint state that there was no evidence of traumatic asphyxia this is the point in which we do disagree a statement from family attorney Benjamin Crump says doctors found pressure to Floyd's neck and back led to his death that led to Floyd's brain not getting enough blood flow crop in Floyd's family one officers at the scene to be charged with first degree murder former us but Sir Derek shaven faces third degree murder and manslaughter charges meantime White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany says president trump is demanding action to stop violent protests around the U. S. he told reporters governors must do more to quell the violence she says lawless anarchy and chaos must not be allowed to continue George Floyd's brother is pleading for peace in the streets saying violence is not going to bring my brother back in Washington president trump also parading the governor's mayor Lyda today defending the city's plan to combat the looting and violence across the city over the past two days no directive to stand by and let people loot the rest of several people yesterday a standing by we took how many guns superintendent sixty four sixty four guns a standing by Chicago police superintendent David Brown says many officers were left battered and bruised one hundred and thirty two officers were injured on just yesterday

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