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06-01-20 Putting the death of Colten Boushie in context


This is native America. Calling I'm Tara Gate. Would demonstrations continue to erupt was wide over the death. George Floyd who was being restrained by a Minneapolis police officer a week ago. In two, thousand sixteen, the death of a first nations man in Canada and the acquittal of a white landowner who shot him spark mass gatherings in Canada. The reverberations in discussions of that event continue today. Cre-. Documentary, filmmaker. Tasha Hubbard tells a story of how Koshen Colton, bushy how his family dealt with the legal system in the aftermath of the shooting Nipah Wisdom Muscle win, we will stand up is the name of the film and here is some audio after Gerald. Stanley was acquitted of murder. This is Sheldon Whitney a former chief of the red pheasant cree first nation. In this area. Has Been. A lot of animosity. Lottery, system for many many years many generations. It's not strange to us. Eight men that were home. Here in the eighteen hundreds why? Because you're trying to protect and feed their families. We have one of the chief poem maker that's being exonerated why? Because the understand now that they're trying to protect and feed their families. Not Criminals But. It's the non first nations narrative often that wins. In. That's got to change. The film. Nipah Y Wisdom Masa Win. We will stand up one. The twenty twenty Tim Rogers feature length documentary at the Canadian screen awards. We'll hear more from the film and from Dr Tasha Hubbard, but you're welcome to join us as well. How did this incident impact your life and do you draw connections between Canada and the US when it comes to systemic racism against indigenous people, join our conversation by calling one, eight, hundred, nine, nine, six, two, eight, four, eight. That's also one, eight, hundred, nine, nine, native and today. We're GONNA start off in Edmonton Alberta. In Canada is Dr Tasha Hubbard, and she is an associate professor at the University of Alberta in native studies. She's a filmmaker and she's also the writer director and producer of Nipah wisdom assume when we will stand up doctor. Hubbard is cree my pleasure to have her here doctor. Hubbard Welcome to native America calling thank.

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