Houston police chief gives emotional speech about George Floyd


In Houston George Floyd's hometown a huge marches set for today as his body is returned home for his funeral Houston George George Floyd Floyd home home town town has has seen seen loud loud and and raucous raucous protests protests over over the the last last week week and and more more than than one one hundred hundred arrests arrests but but they they haven't haven't banned banned the the large large riots riots and and looting looting plaguing plaguing other other U. U. S. S. city city society society think think that that S. S. it's it's a a city city where where we we have have worked worked very very diligently diligently to to relational relational policing policing to to build build relationships relationships with with this this community community and we've got a lot of emotional capital that we built up that we're now using to keep our city safe many believe it's largely due to the presence of Houston police chief art Acevedo himself appearing in almost every protest over the past week sharing the community's pain your heart for people of color get over over because because a a minority minority majority majority city city is is a a city city where where blacks blacks and and whites whites and and Browns Browns and and illegal illegal get get together because we judge each other by the content of our he has walked the city streets alongside demonstrators prayed with them at church and expressed anger at the few who came to cause trouble appointed by the city's black mayor Sylvester Turner also being changed his Twitter profile picture to a drawing of George Floyd he says the goal of today's rally is to keep the focus on floor I think the one room by not letting people hi Jack what we should be focusing on and that is acting in a manner that brings change not in the manner that will change the conversation from police misconduct and commonality to the thugs and and and all the people burning stuff that's not what needs to happen in our city

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