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During the Spanish Civil War. Steve Dorsey's CBS News that white woman walking her dog, who called the NYPD in a dispute with a black man in Central Park a few weeks ago, is now charged with filing a false report. Amy Cooper drew widespread condemnation in May for calling 9 11 to report she was being threatened by an African American man while birdwatcher Christian Cooper recorded her rant on his phone. We'll rake off CBS News. This is Southern California's only 24 hour local news and traffic station can extend 70 news radio. Good morning. I'm Bob Brill. Our top local stories at 12 05 younger people leading the surgeon Corona virus cases in L. A county and state Legislature shut down in L. A area Assemblywoman and her four other after four others. Test positive for Corona virus those stories in 90 seconds Trafficked and whether together every 10 minutes on the fives and 105 here is tiny Campos. Checking out the San Fernando Valley. It's ah, looking pretty good. We've got some Caltrans workin Silmara the north and five North five and south. Five connectors to the 2 10 east are closed through North Hollywood. The 1 70 North found this is from the 101 A Sherman way. The right. Two lanes are closed just a little bit of back up from time to time. I'm seeing through that area in Hawthorne four or five north on the connector to the one of five East, you'll probably be able to see a small fire burning near the freeway. It is not affecting lanes. However, there's a little bit of slowing and that's probably people wondering what's going on. There's also a report of another fire north 1 10 on the connector to the 105 It's on the East Side. The right side of that connect a road that is brushfire off the right shoulder. Downtown l A once in south connected to the 10 East is closed and on the tenis. The carpool lane is closed from Alameda to the 7 10 full freeway closures in Westminster and Fountain Valley was Mr It's the four or five north at Westminster Boulevard and Fountain Valley, four or five south at Rikers. That's also a full freeway closure. Caltrans has a very easy detour set up for either next report at 1 15 I'm Tanya Compost, with more traffic reports more often. Can extend seven news radio taking away the picture. We are looking at a pretty

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