Could Snyder Be On Way Out? - burst 19


That that has never ever embraced the redskins despite living here because of their performance on the field. I mean my my kids are not huge redskin fans. You know their NFL fans. They're football, fans and they. They know it's been important to me, so it's always been fun for them to hang out and watch games with me and they get into it, but they're not die hards you know a appealing to a younger demo with a whole new name logo color scheme I, bet you. Somebody's made the case to Snyder that that's the direction he should go in. That you know honoring the past with the same colors with burgundy and gold isn't necessarily crucial. It's about attracting a whole new audience that's never rooted for the for this football team before. wouldn't surprise me if that's been pitched. He'll do that I think he'll stick with Burgundy and gold. They'll try to They'll. They'll try to come up with a name like warriors that continues to honor native Americans, which is what they have been doing. For years in their minds, I But you know these things get researched. They get vetted and we're. We're on a fast track right now, are we? Yeah. Yes, we are I think it would be to be out of the native American consciousness. I think right about that. Yeah I just get added a business. You know I mean. I mean a football team. look the reality. Is George Marshall? Name Them? The redskins because he had named them the braves in Boston in their first year because they played in the Saints Football. Stadium Baseball Stadium as the Boston braves.

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