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Are now under pressure to to change their name for the Washington football team. Dan Snyder has resisted it forever. I think two years ago, he said, will never as long as he owns a club that will never be changed, and he sent that in 1999 and he said, it'll never be changed. And all the pressure from Congress wouldn't do it all the pressure from communities lead we wouldn't do it, then all of a sudden because the black lives matter and what's happened in the last three weeks. Four weeks. Whatever the period of time is what's happened? Fed ex federal FedEx is basically what she has a 217 I think in his $1,000,000 naming rights on the stadium, it's FedEx with place FedEx Field. What's they've said. Basically, you've got to change the name or we're pulling out of our contract. You know. Dan Snyder's looking some part of Of $200 million that JIA that's important. Nike apparently has Nike supplies the Redskins with all of their jerseys, and all of that. Of soldiers to the Ah Redskin Park FedEx field, and they've said basically You know that? What? What It could be. Who knows, anyway? It'll be fun. That fact if I was Getting it. How they keep from spreading. It's spreading is beyond my comprehension. So the NFL's got a problem. Major League baseball. I can't imagine Major League Baseball is going to actually have a season at all. The time of 60 game season. I don't know how they're going to do it, because every one of those teams To hear from you. The lines are open and weaken. We could talk about a lot of these things

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