#467 - Christian Minister vs. David C. Smalley



The fourth listener always wants to know what podcast I. Listen to one for sure that always makes the cut the Jordan Harbinger show. A lot of people. Don't know this, but I'm actually friends with Jordan. He's here with me right now, Jordan. Thanks for being here. Thanks for having me on, you know I'm from Texas. I live in La now, but I'm from Texas originally. Mark Cuban is like our Captain America. In The Dallas area the owner of the Mavericks the the richest guy on shark tank. You recently had him on your show. How they go, I did mark. It was interesting that look. Mark Cuban is a bad ass. Dude and I told him to look into running for president. I'm not the first person to tell him that. But the advice, that mark is giving his CEOS and founders because he's, he's invested at over two hundred companies, and so I said, what are you telling? All of your founders? All your CEO's right now. We've got angry uncertain unprecedented times. What are you telling? Everyone also I asked what he sees in the future. Like what jobs are GONNA exist in five years. We've got AI. We've got blockchain. We've got all this uncertainty. What jobs what fields are upcoming in the not so distant future I mean the the whole economy's changed as you know in the last few months, it's only gonNA. Change even more. We're going to see a lot of disruption and I'm always interested in how America can beat China in business because they're investing at ton robotics and AI and things like that, and what what do we need to do not just to catch up, but to take take our competitive advantage in and get it back, and that to me was imported and of course I ask. Ask him how he keeps up with all these trends, because he knows a lot about everything from robotics to is so he's just constantly studying. And I asked him what his how he decides to pick an area of focus and what he does to prep for that because he's putting his money where his mouth is, you don't WanNa. Give somebody you know five million dollars and find out what they were talking out of there. You know what you gotta do. Your research and I asked them how I can't imagine you know I there was a time. When my organization, we had forty volunteers across the country, doing research and editing and doing memes and all sorts of different stuff, because people were loving the show, forty individual human beings, and that was so much to manage that it was just it was just it was stressful. Right and a Lotta Times I found myself as like sort of being an it manager or being a marketing manager, and worrying about who's doing what and and and delegating tasks as opposed to. Running my own business were being a content creator I can't imagine two hundred companies. You're not even talking about people with two hundred companies that's thousands and thousands of people. He's gotta be so disconnected from that so I would love to know. Did you guys get into how involved? He is in those companies at all? I talked about a talked with him about that actually off line because I didn't bring it up in the show I burn up later and it varies, but I know a few people who's who have Cuban as an investor, and there are some people that say like yeah. We talked to him pretty regularly. When when the ISH hits, the fan and there are other people that. That I know, they're like yeah, once every three months. He just kind of checks in, or if I'm about to make a big decision, all kind of shoot him a text message and run it by him, and he shoots it back I. Think he's kind of quick one off advice and then cash infusion, and then probably introductions when needed when you're about to get a quiet. He's got. Great he's got to figure it out. Though imagine two hundred businesses. You'll only have to hit a couple of winners to pay for all the rest and the rest of it is gravy.

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