Nurses, doctors feel strain as virus races through Arizona


Well, it's a well known now nurses and doctors and everybody's feeling the strain as Thie Corona virus races through the state of Arizona. We got crowded hospitals, exhausted nurses, bodies piling up in morgues. It was a faraway concept when we started hearing about that, in New York and northern Italy and other distant places, will now after three months of anxiously waiting and preparing Arizona nurses and doctors are on the front lines of the Corona virus. As it rips through the state, making it Right here where we're at one of the world's hot spots. That's not a good distinction, either. And so we've asked A researcher physician author to Join US. Dr Cast I groom is joining us. He is a nutritional physician author of 24 books on health and wellness. Some of the titles include respiratory Solution, Natural Cures to Killer Germs, How to Eat Right and Live Longer. The cure is in the covered just to name a few. And I'm excited to have you back on the program today because we've got some exciting news about a study that he was involved in. That just came out that is showing some very important promise. And with that, let us welcome back to the program. Dr. CASS, I groom. Welcome to the program again. Hi. Great timing, I guess for the state and for all your Your loving and desirous listeners We've can We have some breaking news for them and let's get right into that. The's the wild spice oil therapy preventing Cova 19 case transmission in 50 healthcare words phenomenal. Take it from there. Well, we have Dunn the study before on active cases of covert, But this was the concern was the physical therapists and the nurses who did not get it and did not want to get it, but yet are on the front line in Chicago. So what we did Wass We did some novelty things. We've recommended the Sinus oregano spray, which is clothed but oil, regular oil Bailey oil, and I think sage oil It's in a sailing base, but they would inject that directly up each nostril several times a day, You know, because they've got all the P P E on by the way on the shields as well. Right, But you can't. You can't viruses. They're so small or whatever these passages have been a bacteria easily. It could slip through the cracks, you know? And they also used another novelty, which was a wild oregano Bailey spray, which is extremely virus idol, extremely bacteria, Seidel and that is my saliva spray that they would, they would missed over there pp. Either math or plexiglass shield their chest. And they would inhale that also buy and the second thing they did with it. If they got a scratchy throat or a dry cough, which are passed eggnog Mang of Na ge Catholic magmatic of this disease, they would spray the back of their throat multiple times. So they're getting direct contact in the mice allies form that's direct absorption through the membranes, and there's no way these passages could survive. With those kinds of spices. An immediate immediate absorption through the milk goes up. Uh, so I'm not taking any chances at all with these practitioner with these health, health care workers. The third thing they did was there was there's a novel supplement with oregano, cumin on DH, sage and cinnamon oils, and that's called a rigorous You and I are fans of that They actually took that product by mouth. Twice a day. Most of them. But the biggest thing was the Sinus spray and the use of Ah sterilizing missed. Kind of opposite of what we do. We take our things. We take our vitamins C. We take our regular They did it differently. 50 health care workers did not get sick, and some of them were Permanently exposed to covert 19 and tested negative because of this protective gear. We gave them right. And you know that some of the thing I've been reading about, you know, just even with the protective gear. Weatherby. The mask shield. Whatever. Just being around somebody is somebody talking to you. You can get into your system pretty quickly. 100 model you know, 100 different Viruses. And then, of course, a cough. Even Maura, I think it goes up to 500 then up over 1000 of somebody sneezes in that same area. The amount of viral load is just exponential at that point in time, and course the health care workers have the greatest exposure, as you well know is everybody recognizes the greatest exposure because they're around sick people all day every day and are in the trenches trying to help people out. We need to do something to protect them and at the same time This is a beautiful thing learning about it. We can protect the general

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