‘Father Ted’ and ‘The IT Crowd’ creator Graham Linehan permanently banned from Twitter


You probably have not heard of Graham Linemen. He created a father, Ted which is a British series in the IT crowd, a British series and transgender activists have gone through his twitter time line and found statements. He said that offended them and caused twitter to ban him. one of the things that he said for example. This is what what ultimately led to him getting band. Is He tweeted. Men Aren't women. The Women's Institute, a UK Women's organization wished. Happy Pride Month to its transgender members and end this guy. Graham Linemen Lynam tweeted. Aren't women though. In the past he also compared children, questioning their gender to children, being experimented on by Nazi Germany and also suggested that it was child abuse to allow kids to begin treatment for transgenderism. And well they came for him.

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