NBC to take over U.S. Open coverage from Fox Sports

No Laying Up


Like the the only innovator because I know but let me ask for the people are going to be listening. Fox is the only one that's innovative anything over the last several years. In my mind, they've changed the way show. How frequently shot tracers us? They have done so many good like really long segments of commercial free. They've given you audio. That's better than anything. We've gotten in in TV and they've shook up this infrastructure. That's heavily tied to CBS and NBC. That is an issue especially with like tour run events. Events just commercial load and everything like that it's been the best viewing experience I think to watch golf on Fox. Some people love the commentary for that address horrible first year. How far they've come so far and they are like they are the only ones that seem to be proactive in getting ahead of the curve and trying to be be different, and now we're back to just these two networks again. Maybe Johnny Come Back Oh. It's for sure back. Later it seemed like also the that Fox treated like a loss leader. Yeah, you know it was like a prestige play for them and now that. Now with NBC. It's you know it's like I. Don't know if Fox had an owl or NBC. You know it's like is the US usgs taken a big financial hit to you have no. frigging blank check from Fox. How the economics of that word is basically came out like ninety one million. Know what it was I just don't know how I don't either I. Don't know how that I hope somebody's keep an eye on the amateurs and the lower level events. I thought I love. Oxyde cut-back on that the last couple of years, which was disappointing. Because nobody else. It's there right, so nobody else can pick it up and we're like even like us, open sectionals golf channel used to treat it. In all its glory golf's longest day, and they did studio shows i. was doing a lot of that to SLURP THE USDA to try to get the next rate steel, and they really like blew it out of the water this one year, and then the US. Jay was kind of like how great job

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