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Stimulating Simulator Stories


Never had the three of us. Sit Down and nerd out about about flight simulation. Yeah I mean. It's one of the things that I think is a gateway drug for a lot of people I mean when you're a kid with a computer and You know you're looking for some gaming or some you know something cool to do. I mean flight Sims I think are are I think are as much a part of getting you know. Young people into Navy model airplanes were and still are. Yeah I I agree and you guys of no my My background priority. I spent eleven years at Microsoft working on the flight simulator series there subsequently got some weird biases and things but I was also been a lifelong user of Sims first. Ibm either came home. We bought the first First version one point. Oh flights them week that When that came out and I was. I was twelve going on thirteen when that happened. And here I am D- decades and decades later and I still enjoy them and it's It it's one of those things that it. It's not only refund from the aviation side but it's also to me always been interesting from the technology side to take these computers that we have on our desks in in our pockets and our briefcases and see what what they can do. Yeah I wouldn't ask you when you went to work at Microsoft was that Was that pretty cool? I mean going to work for a product that you Kinda knew already and had a you know certainly had a name for itself. I sent my wife An email and our into my first day because I've been at Microsoft a two or three years closer to four years actually for if I move to that team and I sent this email to her and it just said I am a pig. My job is slop never get there? That was back in ninety eight So got to work on some patches and supposedly stuff for flights to ninety eight then we rolled right into combat flights him in for the next several years. Sort of back and forth from combat. Flight Sim then back to the civilian one based on releases Worked as a test engineer which was really cool. It came from product support. Which meant you had to sit on the phone and try to help somebody solve a problem and then I switched to testing which just meant. You really didn't care about the solution. You just had to point out the problems and I'm good at that. I'm really judgmental. I'm picky but it can be a real jerk so So that was that was fantastic and worked from. He said the tail end of flights in ninety eight all the way through the last of FSX and a what we call DSP. What you now know is prepared by Lockheed Martin so yeah Great Times Yeah I think When I was a kid my parents had I think it was an IBM forty six In the early nineties and I only game that was on. That computer was gosh. She could help me with this. How was probably F S for? It was still wire frame graphics and it had the airplane Creator in the in the Red Baron combat similar. Oh sure yeah. So the yeah. They're the red baron was That was there from the very very beginning. You know the wire frame stuff. F S Four. That had the airplane creator. Had WHAT WE CALL IT? Sort of flat shading it was sort wire frame. It could support up to like sixteen colors of Aga time too so just starting to transition into something that was Sort of optionally wire frame or you can have some solid colors into it. Yeah that so. I always wonder how much that actually played into. You know I think. All three of us You know we say as far back as we remember we were airplane parts and I mean how your origin stories pretty obvious you know growing up at an airport But I think for my for me that that may definitely be a big part of that. I remember getting My my first flights actually wasn't regular flights him. It was combat flight simulator. And it was like you in Europe. He was European theater. Okay so that was the first one. Just yes he. F S One. Yeah Oh man. That was awesome like I remember. We downloaded that or loaded onto the computer and then a couple of buddies over and like we literally played that until like two in the morning and Just you know you died. It's my turn but What was he was the two guys that were with me? They weren't diehard airplane nuts. They thought this was like totally cool. And nobody had seen anything. Quite like that So it was really kind of interesting way to get someone. Maybe not a history buff. Not a Warburg buff but suddenly you know they were kinda rattling stuff off like oh no man you gotta go with the P fifty one you know and I'm like how you know. How do you know what is it was kind of interesting? Well you know. I think it's you know it confirms what we have said at least in private conversations time and time again that simulators almost any kind like this can. They can teach you know they can. Inspire people didn't get people excited about it. But you know before long. You're you're actually learning

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