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Are Online Courts Less Fair?



Hi this is Jen. I'm the technical director of on the media. We engineers are wired differently from the rest of the team. While the producers and the hosts are working on the content we are obsessing over the mechanics of getting this week. Show to you. You know I think of it like an. If then switch and lately there have been nothing but gigantic ifs and Thence if I lose connection to broker Bob then how do I get the interview recorded? If we don't have our normal setup than how do I make everything sound good if we can't get into the studio then how do I get the show out? There are so many if then's and they keep me up at night. The Big One is if we don't have listener support. Then how do we keep the lights on? I imagine these days you're all thinking like engineers with your own if than's and if you aren't able to support us right now then please no we understand but if you are at all able to the now is the time go to on the media dot Org to donate or text. Otm Two seven. Oh One oh one. Thank you so much today. The Supreme Court heard moral arguments about president trump's tax returns and we the public got to listen in simply by going online. Pardon Sir presidential financial. We're asking for his personal returns before he became crescent. Those are very different things. The fact of what I hold today. We'll also apply to a future Senator McCarthy asking a future Franklin Roosevelt or Harry Truman. The same questions that bothers me or add. This case is really sauce for the goose serve. The candor is the Supreme Court has resisted live streaming oral arguments for years. Previously members of public could only witnessed the proceedings. Live if they queued up outside the court to get one of the fifty tickets guaranteed to the public. People are lining up over here just to get a seat inside the courtroom tomorrow morning to see these justices. Now's this historic ruling. Often people waited outside overnight in the elements with no public toilet for locks but amid the cove nineteen pandemic. The court is finally adapting or are now conducted via conference call and the world can listen in by going online. No queueing required so.

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