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194. Sarah Mardini - I'm fearless, I know that


You can him my dehumidifier because I live in a very damp place and I just did my laundry and you can probably hear some sounds from the outside which might be the sound of. Maybe the baby. Fox's that playing in my garden like I'm fucking Snow White or something. It's amazing I am so attached to these baby Fox's and the mother and I feel that my friends and yeah I might be losing it in solitary lockdown but I love him I love him so much and then I told my friend how much I loved them and he told me that Fox's They don't if that long since I'm still only be one year or two years old so that I should prepare to not see them for much longer. So that's fun. What a great cheering up. That was you might also be able to hear. My washing machine is it's laundry day to day in the in the Hagan Mansion that is my moldy studio flat Which deep cleaned last night because I decided to spray painted some furniture inside. I know I know now that anyone read beforehand. They did not so I had spray. Paint dust literally everywhere like in my kitchen which was behind the closed door. Somehow those so now I'm washing up everything. I own all the plates. All the both like it's which makes you feel like a mixture of very adult and very much not an adult On the bright side the furniture that I spray paints it. It's not good. It's really not good. So those are the sound might be zero in the background Some outside sound for windows open because of the previously mentioned spray paint incident and my dehumidifier and my washing machine other than that. I hope we can just hear my my crispy crispy vice as I speak to. U S will have even spoken to anyone since last summer spoke to you probably not. I will introduce you very soon. My guest today which Osama Mabini. It's I mean. Let's let's not kid ourselves. I've had a lot of very amazing people on this but cast Sarah is out of this world. She she she'll tell the story herself I also recommend that you go in youth super before we get into it because she tells the story obviously much better than I do. She is a refugee and was a competitive swimmer and that is how she ended up saving the lives of a lot of people as They were all crossing the ocean suits to flee. It's is incredible to speak with someone like that. And I guess when you when you're about to do that I think Magin that you're going to be speaking to someone who is like so above you in. He knows it's it's different than talking to you. Know someone that you're a fan of an ago pup style or something it's it's almost like a pup style on a hume humanity level. Do you know what I mean. It's such a different tokens of someone. Who SAVED LIVES? Do you know it's just it? Had it hits home in in a strange way but I will And then she was just so sweet. Darren normal. I don't know what I was expecting. I was expecting to have voice to be this sort of hollow bell sound from God or something and the to assist real-life pass on which I guess means that in a way we can all taints the world guys. Eissa so sorry. Sorry I want to say just for anyone listening in the distant distant future. This is another episode. That's recorded during the covert nineteen pandemic. And so it's recorded while Santa was on her computer and I was on my computer. Fatherm away from each other and I don't remember if he mentioned at all we probably do but the whole puck is about that what I do want to say. Just in relation to that is I've rescheduled I entirely to the dates. That were left to September October November. Unearth think some dates next year. And I've not really made a big fuss about it because I wasn't so sure if it was gonNA happen. You know like some people say. Oh we'll stop everything. We're back to normal in June. But then you know then This country has a prime minister. Who is I mean? Just like a toddler that's been given too much responsibility in is an an actual like buffoon like so it's hot because I just don't know what to think and I. I know I have a lot of colleagues. I mean I even had My good friend and wonderful collie curious. McLean say on hypocus- puzzle. Villa that she does with racial fabric that she didn't think that live live at comedy. We'll be back till two hundred twenty one which gives me so much insights. He and I feel a bit sick and I've had so many people say it from the industry from other comedians. You know we're all hoping role of cultural hoping that we can go back to normal soon but you know it's I mean. I pulled my some of my shows way before we were asked to do it. Because there's a lot of people saying you know the government says we still can but clearly the government is does not care about lives at all so I felt like I had to. You know do what I needed to do. Because even though you know it was going to lose a bunch of money of that because if the government hasn't put the restrictions and then the the venues couldn't get the help and it was all like a bit of a mess which is probably why this a lot of the shows that I have had to postpone cancel. You will have got an email saying if you would like to donate your tickets to the venue. Like the price of the tickets at the venue. That's not the venues being. Has that the venues being assholes at seven years trying to survive because the government did not of the help as well and I'm not. I'm you know I'm by all accounts not in any way a hero because I still did gigs. That probably should not have done But it was hard right because there's so many people about gets and you feel when you feel the only person in the world who thinks you should cancel them and everyone else says. Well you know then you lose a bunch of money and people will be disappointed and the government says you can still do it but I did pull a few right before. We were actually told that we couldn't do it anymore. So I think what I'm trying to say is Like say that the government set that we could suddenly do gigs. It's very like now. It's very clearly not safe. It's very clearly not a good idea so I probably wouldn't do it. I mean I wouldn't do. I wouldn't do it. It's it will be. It would be absolutely ridiculous and dangerous so what I'm trying to say I guess is that there is a very big chance that I won't be able to do. Gigs live comedy shows. Until Twenty one. Meaning that suddenly. Hello this podcast seems to be my full time job now and by that what I mean is that is scary. That is so scary because you paying my wages and you could decide to not do that. It is very scary to think that you you who's listening to this who has supported me on patron patriotic or who's sending me one off donations. If it wasn't for you I would. I would have to move out I'd have to get a I was GONNA say get a job. I don't even know if I could. I can understand this session too. Many people applying for jobs and also would I I. I'm asked I'm useless as at a absolutely useless at a real jobs like this is what I've been doing ten years and I have so many mental health stuff that would prevent me from doing any sort of real honorable job and and it's very scary to be honest with you. It's no that that you could pull that away any minute. Also this is just to make absolutely. This is absolutely not guilty. You into anything like if you need if you need support me on. Patriot Affect financially as well. I absolutely do it. Do not feel bad for me please. That was not what I meant. It was amended on the opposite way of being incredibly humbled by the fact that you are keeping me afloat and I am so so grateful and I will. Do I mean if you patron your patron patron and you know it's like you're part of the board so you get to make decisions not decisions but you make you get some make suggestions the DM Mehan on on patron or send me an email and if you have any guests recommendations things you want me to do different lose like intros because this is getting annoying. I didn't want them saying saying thank you. I'm saying thank you. That's what I'm saying. It is hot Wyoming and incredible and it. Is this a weird pride in that whenever my manager calls me he doesn't sound terrified for for me? 'cause he's like well you've you've created a you've created a curated a atmosphere fan baseball fan zone so the where would you call it? The following maybe of incredibly supportive and amazing and intelligent and kind people and he was like you'll be fine and I was like oh bloody up so I'm I'm going to be doing so many things that I can possibly think of that. I can do in lockdown. I'm GonNa be riding a bunch of stuff going to be trying to release things that I can make in my own house. What what do you need? What do you want from me? What what can up my brain do for you in the situation between now and January and of course if you you know you support on patron and you're one off. Donations mean moe than they ever have before so I wanNA say a very very humble. Thank you because that is. That's going to keep me afloat. So thank you. Thank you thank you. Thank you now onto a hero and actual life saving and a wonderful person and just the kindest best pen. Please enjoy my chat. My conversation with saw Medina so for the for the people who might not know who you are. You want to introduce yourself. Yes I can I. I'm a listening some twenty four years old Syrian and out now Reggie in Germany based in Berlin. I'm a student. I do humanities art soon. Dropping to aren't the only change What else do professional public speaker and session rescue in infrastructure unprofessional swimmer is to be adult swim. Competitively in more I do search and rescue swimming volunteer for using in Greece. Which made made me became cultural mediator translator coordinator I worked in the refugee camps for two years in a half What else am I work with? Amnesty International as right defender. But it's more like voluntarily is not job. Amazing I WANNA talk to you about you know story and all these things that you've done and your passable these things but I'm also a bit Like I don't WanNa take you somewhere. That's uncomfortable for you. Just you know so. You'RE TO IF NOT. That's also competing. Okay just leash find with Doug Statements that so sorry I cannot talk about politics. That's that's okay. Just say whatever you say. If you can't say anything I just feel like this. A lot of I mean. I've talked to a lot of people who've gone through really difficult things but often sort of by often. I don't know that that's what they're gonna say but with you. I sort of know story and I know you must have also told it quite a lot of times. It's something you kind of sick of talking about. Actually I mean the.

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