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Joe Biden, Truck System Care And Bernie discussed on Dogma Debate



System than it is a Truck System Care for the Republicans. I was never a Republican but I am conservatives and I'm looking for the left to understand that we can't go too far left without leaving the right by the right understand. You can't go too far right without leaving the less the high so the only way that I can best frayne this argument to wear people understand the world we're living in is fix your star. I'm going to fix my side and I'm trying to help fix the less but I can't fix the goal because the left's bidding. They don't understand it yet but the left lis leads chart. I really believe the left needs year. I have here I have to say man. I think it is exactly the opposite and let me make that case. The Democrats have put up essentially a nineteen eighty six Republican in Joe Biden. He is a moderate. He's a centrist. He is that guy that is not going to far either way go ahead say. Bernie's too far left all right if Bernie is too far left. Trump is too far right biden. Is Your Guy Trump.

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