Federal judge not rubber-stamping DOJ dropping of Flynn charges


John Solomon seventy two years old delaying his decision on whether to drop charges against he's got no choice look what a judge doesn't drop the charges what happens the DOJ has to try the case if they're not going to try the case the judge can't do anything the judge cannot bring charges himself an act as the prosecution that's the D. O. J. they have announced they're not going to proceed here that's what this is all about they're trying to find a way to go on with this thing so they can get to the end of what would Flynn guilty and that's what this friend of the court brief ultimate objectives are or it is so anyway the question on to Brett Tolman he's not allowing outside groups to weigh in with this friend of the court brief what's your take on the judge's rule I thought I'd seen everything that in twenty plus years in the federal criminal justice system but this is a first this

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