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On the Table Gaming Podcast Episode 77: CMON Expo 2020 Speculation and Nessie Knows


I'm chase I'm joined the illustrious Josh Josh. Welcome back on thank you for having me. How are things going for you in the wide world of covert nineteen you know? It's just a thrill excitement but I actually did paint some miniature. So that's a I'm excited. I love it. I love what your guy going there. And he's got some flayed men painting Brassy and wardens tackling next time we play. We're going to have these beautiful immaculate armies. They'll be painted my won't be beautiful. Good yes I don't like it's been it's been tough but hopefully we have some good stuff coming up on the horizon on expo is going to be virtual. Oh so that was actually supposed to be last weekend originally the actual expo. It was pretty devastating to it was canceled. I was really excited for that one. I was almost told me trying to go down to Georgia but now I don't have to go down to Georgia for me. It's like I wasn't going to go anyway. So this is actually kind of cool. We're GONNA get our remotely have a virtual expo should be awesome so it looks like it's going to span over three days so on Saturday. They've got a general contest like painting contest. And I believe the way it works is you. Can you can put your own painted. Minis out on their facebook page on their comments and they'll have instructions on the Semen Expo. Facebook page and they're going to pick their favourite painted miniature and one at random to win. So even if you are not At James Walker levels of painting. You can still get a chance to win something other. You know. GotTa shoot ambig- ambig- going back to the roots of cool mini or not right. Yeah Oh my gosh. You're right. It's a blast on the foul circle. They've got other stuff. Zombie side contest is GonNa be some live game. Play some game developer plant panels and that's super exciting for song vice and fire because we already kind of know some rumors of things. At least I would think there's some there's some. There's some rumors floating around because a big one. I think was at gamma which is like a trade show. It's you know not for the general public but there's always somebody like sneaks a camera in there something the heroes. Yeah we exactly and we had been. We had been sent these like really crappy grain versions of a powerpoint that seemed to have information about great joys on it alot factions enjoys would be awesome and last year at Simone Expo. They did reveal house. Baratheon and house target. And so you know it would make sense that we might have another faction announcement that would be pretty cool sink. We would get factions. That would be crazy. I hope action because they tend to release too close together ranger close together for. Yeah something in marriage now. I wonder if that's GonNa change up though because the way they're doing great joys in quarter for their release great joy with the starter set and then a few units hero box and a core unit. Maybe it wasn't hearing things you start with a bunch of stuff. So maybe they'll maybe this is a whole shift and how they're rolling things out in general but what would be the other faction that you'd WanNa see why I mean how many houses are left. You've got grows and then tells right is there. And what do you think we're going to see? I mean I think people surprised and there was free. Folk are we gonNA see like House Erin or something? Smaller items sub factions or know. What about the car starks or Trying to think of other small facts. I guess that'd be just like I feel like a lot of those are gonNA fall under like some factions. Maybe how Erin? Because they are like a major house would be its own thing but I mean if garden is basically GonNa be folded into Athens That might not be the case. Long-term they might become their own faction and some of those other factors which with.

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