Federal officers Trump sent to Portland teargassed protesters


We've done a great job in Portland Portland was totally out of control and. They went in and I guess we have many people right now in jail and we very much quelled, and if it starts again, we'll quote it again very easily. It's not hard to do you know what you're doing? That was Donald Trump. On Monday today, a commentator Charlie Pierce wrote a major American city is being softly pinot shade in broad daylight, and if we know one thing, if this president and his administration get away with this, it will only get worse joining us now. Democratic Congressman Blumenauer. He Represents Oregon's third district much of which, or which includes much of Portland. Congressman blue our. Thank you for being with us. The governor of your state said that the. Doesn't solve any problems that escalates the situation and we've been watching police and federal forces and National Guard engage with protesters since May, twenty fifth across this country, and in the vast majority of cases, it has inflamed the situation as opposed to calmed it. Absolutely and that's the case here. Dramatic overreaction! The sort of the storm trooper tactics. Luckily, it is all on video. People can see for a fact that there isn't any large menacing crowd. Riot there's. An innocent relatively at looks like an innocent bystander who rolled a tear gas canister that was thrown his way shot by. Nonlethal weapon fractured his skull. This is outrageous and. Donald Trump knew what he was doing. Maybe he could be helpful, but I think it's a deliberate effort to make the situation worse. They've certainly managed to do that ear important. Donald Trump tweeted about this crossing state lines to incite violence as a federal crime Li- liberal governors and mayors much get must must get much tougher on the federal government is going to step in and do what has to be done, and that includes using the unlimited power of our military and many arrests. This works for some people in his base, but it. It's really not what most people think. The US military's for. Absolutely absolutely and in fact what we've seen here in Portland things have been challenging in the past. Things have been quieted down, but moving in here unlimited force. Things like taking bystanders with people who are not clearly identified of who they are not identified shoving them into unmarked cars and taking them away This is a banana republic. This is something that is not calculated to calm a difficult situation and we don't need it. Our governor, our mayor of the congressional delegation. Has. No interest in having this outside interference with people who are not trained in trying to help keep the peace and instead are inflaming the situation. I, you know the Charlie Pierce used the word Pinochet. and You bring up something that I think is important. You see these these officers I don't know what to call them, because we don't really know entirely who they are. They don't have badges. They don't have names. They could be from different federal. Organizations their cars. They're using unmarked vehicles. We just saw one there on the screen I. If this is a legitimate law enforcement effort, none of that would have to happen. Law Enforcement in this country are supposed to wear badges identify themselves have numbers. The cars say police or national guard or military on them. This is very unusual that it seems to be these the secret of tactics. Absolutely and if you're interested in keeping the peace and helping law enforcement, you would coordinate with the local police with the local authorities. They're not there at our. Invitation. Effort to work with us in a cooperative fashion and things that are recorded on video that people can see for themselves have no place in the streets of America's cities. What do we do about the accountability issue? One of the reasons police have badges that you can identify them. These are these people are mask. They have gas mask on in many cases there in full. Combat Gear You think there's an effort here to escape accountability. Absolutely I mean this is the the operating mode of the trump administration mating responsibility, maybe trying to deflect attention from things that are responsibility dealing with the pandemic crow virus. And instead. Of having an opportunity here for people intervening. In a way that is just it. It's scandalous. We're going to work to try and have legislation that help rain this. Limit. The powers have an investigation to find out what actually happened to blow the cover off their story. Good to see. Thank you for joining US Oregon Congressman Earl Blumenauer who represents the third district which includes much Portland. Thank you for joining me

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