What Current Heart Health Treatments Get Wrong and How to Fix This


Doc. Thanks for coming on the show today. Thank you so much doctor, appreciate having you on big Sandia working at an excited to share a lot of the stuff. I'm doing with your audience. Likewise have been following your stuff for while I. Think the first time I saw year. Your stuff was actually. Tat Halio flexible years ago. Paleo? Facts was definitely an interesting event a lot. Good people over there and you know for for anyone who's never been an again. It's kind of like finding your tribe and you know getting some good food and working out a little bit and getting some excellent lectures from some very very entertaining speakers and really kind of supporting all the stuff that we do award. You know we're talking about Paleo or or carnivore. I think the one thing that separates me maybe from a some of the people that I met there is that you know we're just hardcore about organic free range grass fed wild seafood, so it's like know we want you to eat this way, but we also want you to eat the best of the best. This is not lite. Jack Wolfson sang a Burger King. Get a double opera. Hold the Bun. You know we WANNA make. Sure? We do at the right. Early, I mean. Have you had any pushback on that type of stuff? There's sometimes where I promote that very similarly and I just get this whole. You being elitist freak, and like people can't afford that and not sustainable for all Americans I mean. What is your sort of slanted that? Yeah. My slant is I mean it is the only thing that sustainable I mean the the way that corporate farming happens and and large ranches. Operates that is not sustainable, because that is just destroying the environment. You have to do it through regenerative. Farming and grazing practices, so I think books by Joel Salatin and and things that they really identified the best way to do. It is really the only way, and that is the healthiest forest to I mean when we test people's levels of pesticides and chemical exposure there sky-high. If they don't if they don't eat things, the right way so does it costs more for organic food. Is it cost more for free range grass-fed? Yeah, and it should, and you know Anthony I would challenge all those people and say hey. I I can probably find some other areas of your life where we can cut from the budget. Don't Cook from the health food budgets better for us. To eat that way. Live that way and it's and it's again. It's the only way the planet's GonNa Survive is by is by doing things the way we've always done it as hunter gatherers in. Bringing that into twenty first century world, totally one of the things that I think about often is that how hard it is to even have access stuff right now and just how all nutritious food used to be free in abundant passed, and now I'm even going to small towns. availability for real food is actually pretty challenging will a lot of work to do regarding supply chain and distribution, and getting to that point, where Jenny little bit before we started recording about how you see your time between. Scottsdale in a small town in Colorado and just wondering in Colorado sort of a small area. Do you have easy access to food them even in Austin where I'm as? There's not that many sources to to buy truly good quality food. Yeah I think you know the other thing, too. Is that the more that we support this? The more that we put our money direct our resources into these types farms. Well more people are going to do it it just. It's just a great business model kind of one of the things I've talked about most recently. Is that you have all these people? Millions of people literally millions that worked for the the and Human Services Department on a federal level, and in the State Department of Health, and the County Department of Health and school board. You know a health if we were to get rid of a lot of those people. Because their jobs are totally unnecessary. Get rid of those people in redirect them into organic farming into into pasteurize. Practices it sounds like a pipe dream, but you know. Let's put all the really. The resources over their prices will come down. It's better for our health. It's better for the planets, but you know I think you know. Listen answer your question up in this small town where in Colorado there, there is a place up there that again. There's a lot of places that do you know free range grass-fed that do? Who they do grow during the in during the cold season's that they're able to grow indoor You know in greenhouses, and and we support those people and again I'm not interested in new cars, new new housing or new clothing for myself. I'm not interested in travel. I mean I love doing all that stuff. Believe me I do, but the first thing is. You gotTa Take Care of yourself with the food and especially. If you've got young ones at home, anyone your concern with with health and wellness. You gotta put. Put Your money over there, you know Scottsdale is okay for food, and then California's pretty pretty ahead of the trend when it comes to healthy food California of course has their own problems, but Colorado and I think over the years once again. Farmers markets we love going farmers markets Arizona's got some great farmers markets for nine months out of the year the growing season. Here I mean obviously they've got a ton of sunshine. You know the the issue down here is water and summertime too much heat flight. They're growing. Season is nine months. It's it's really spectacular.

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