SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey says “critical decisions” will be made later this month


Has been a much anticipated day. When it became known that the SEC was going to meet in person, in Birmingham, today it had been a regular scheduled meeting, but regardless it was extraordinary. It is now over the SEC has just released. A statement! Saying that no decisions were made today about the upcoming college football season. We hope to get more on that from the Commissioner of the southeastern. Conference Greg Sankey, commissioner? Thank you very much. I know it has been. A Very Long. Day Good afternoon. Has Been that and right from a meeting to the Finebaum show what could be a better way to cap a busy busy Monday. Well I, we've all we've I've I've read your statement about Hoping to gain more information or Waiting at least. To the end of the month and I'm curious based on what you have been saying. In terms of the prospects of the season and the concerns and the fact that things. You said the other day you, you're running out of time to correct things What are you looking for? And what are you? What is your conference looking for over these next two to three weeks? That will help you. Identify the proper decision to move forward. There are any number of. Opportunities to learn which is the way we've always viewed What was it play out, so we'll go back to April. One of the guiding points and I think I've shared with you this. This comment from one of our faculty members is take as long as you can to make major decisions because you will have better information. so my comments last week over the weekend on Mardian McGee or an indication that the trends. Are Not what we desired not what we had experienced a bit earlier in the summer very much in the wrong direction, and that that's problematic. That doesn't mean that's the finish line. Things will never change. We've seen the news around cove in nineteen. alter itself in different ways over a number of weeks. And so what we've identified, it is an opportunity in late July. foreign important check in the see what our public health reality, so that's one big picture element. We were told from the beginning. Take as much time as possible. You make better decisions we've also. Experienced since June eighth the ability to support our student athletes and a very healthy way, within our athletics, programs or other activities that are permitted today, more that could come for most program beginning, July twenty fourth, which NCAA is permitted third point, the autonomy, five conferences have been working diligently now for weeks and months to develop a common testing expectation. Expectation an isolation expectation. The NCAA after the Senate Commerce Committee hearing in which I participated in Washington DC has been engaging in developing similar standards for its entire membership, but his worked collaboratively over the last eight or nine days I think we're moving towards a destination for those protocols and I know that we as five conferences have been working diligently our. Our colleague conferences at the bowl subdivision. Or awaiting those other others in Division One are also waiting those expectations. The fourth is all it's happening. In the return of sports at the professional level over the next few weeks, so we saw major league soccer I watch more major league soccer last night than I. Ever have in my life, but I've read their protocols. Major League Baseball's active. That's A. First Pitch I think July twenty third where teams are going to be moving around. We've read their health protocols. A NASCAR race Wednesday, that is in a what was a football stadium several years ago in Bristol Tennessee with thirty thousand fans in attendance first time to see a larger crowd if that opportunity still exists so all of those are important learning opportunities, but the fundamental is my first point, which is we have to see? See a change in public health trend to build the comfort that will have an opportunity to compete this fall and plenty of people can say Oh, you shouldn't. It's not going to happen. Make predictions, and they go back to Governor Cuomo in June. WHO said I'm done with predictions. I'm done with models. We're GONNA. Look at the facts, and that's what we've been doing diligently for months now and we'll do over the next few weeks. Commissioner Greg Sankey with this commissioner. Last week we saw a one of your colleagues in the big ten. make his decision their decision about. Playing Only Conference Games to the PAC twelve followed suit I'm certain. That was discussed today, can you? Can you enlighten us on where the SEC is on all conference play? we are not at that destination in a number of our colleague. Conferences are not at that destination, so the big ten made its decision. We have no. common games with the big ten conference this year. Just one of those realities in our schedule, so the the impact of their decision is indirect,

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