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They're customers. Who need further assistance, prominence on the body or just everybody to do. Their part followed the guidelines and Providence on a body and they always want to put safety first, and they remind you that we're all in this together. It's now 15 past seven o'clock. Good morning. Use Radio, 9 21047 FM Good morning, 15 after seven. It's Tuesday morning July, the 14th at 71 degrees right now, although human beings have yet to step foot on Mars, the road to the Red Planet has never been busier, explaining that now. Simon Owen from Fox News Morning, Simon Hey, Good morning run Yet. NASA wants astronauts on Mars in the 2030 on DH as we build towards that point, Yeah. Flurry of activity in the next couple of weeks is moving tomorrow released in that direction in a big way. Three countries planning to launch missions in the next few days because there is a rare launch window coming up. Mars is going to be Unusually close to Earth in October, a mere 300 million miles away. So by launching now the journey time is cut to around seven months of China and the US both have plans to send Rovers. The land on Mars in the next couple of weeks, But the first mission is one from the United Arab Emirates. Probably not among the first names you think of when it comes to space exploration, but they say that this orbit so that they're sending is going to study Mars atmosphere. Build up a picture of the climate in Mars, Mars climate and an atmosphere We don't have the moment when for the A. It is a big moment is the culmination of a six year plan. They want to be less dependent on oil and gas. They want to inspire students to pursue the sciences. They are running their own space program, and the idea is that they saw it. They will enter Marsorbit next February as the marks its 50th birthday. The very latest news on this launch from its spoke off in the next few hours that is now being postponed because of bad weather. It's going off from Japan, where they've had some terrible rains in recent weeks. It's no happening today. They're going to try again on Friday. Fascinating stuff. Okay. Simon Owen from Fox News. Thanks so much. 17 minutes after seven o'clock now in New York Court lifted a temporary restraining order yesterday that frees up President Trump's niece, Mary Trump to speak about and to promote her new tell all book about President Trump's and trumps family. The motion to block the book, which is called too much and never enough on my family created the world's most dangerous man was brought by the president's brother, Robert Trump. But it looks as though she's Frieda start promoting and I'm sure she's going to be popping up everywhere as we hear from Sean Langil on Fox. New York Appeals court judge has lifted the restraining order that prevented married Trump from promoting her upcoming book too much and never enough. The judge rejecting our humans from President Trump's younger brother, Robert Trump that the president's niece is barred from talking publicly about family members due to an agreement relatives made to settle her deceased grandfather's estate New York judge How Greenwald ruling the agreement like specifics and clarity. A spokesperson for Mary Trump says she's quote. Sure, the White House and America are looking forward to finally hearing what Mary has to say. Shall Manjula Fox News? The son of late Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, his 28 year old Cooper Hefner is running for political office. Hafner announced yesterday that he's launching an exploratory campaign to run as a Democrat for the California Senate. In the States 30th District, which includes Los Angeles County. His policy platform includes tackling the climate crisis and energy sustainability, using technology to simplify government addressing the homelessness crisis and comprehensive police reform. Hepner left as chief of Global Partnership Playboy Enterprises back in May of 2019 and he worked on launching his own media company, Health Post was the name of it. He also joined the US Air Force in December and went through basic training. And finished up in April. So Playboy founder Hugh Hefner son is running for California Senate and four weddings and a funeral Love actually and Notting Hill, director Richard Curtis and Disney heiress Abigail Disney or among the list of 83 millionaires calling for an increased tax on the wealthy to fund the Corona virus recovery. Group calls itself millionaires for humanity and listen to what they wrote. Here is their statement, quote. No, we're not the ones caring for the sick and intensive care Ward's. We're not driving the ambulances that will bring the Il Two hospitals were not restocking grocery store shelves are delivering food door to door, but we do have money. Lots of it. Money that's desperately needed now and will continue to be needed in the years ahead as our world recovers from the crisis. Richard Curtis Abigail Disney among 83 millionaires calling for an increased tax on the wealthy 20 minutes after seven o'clock and let's hit the road way once again swing into the traffic center and get a check on the flow of things with John Hamlet. He's brought to us by compassion. International guests slowdowns getting through the construction zone in protecting 95 south and catch the worst of it this morning, down from the street through the s curves. Not a problem that if at North coming out from her 37 Jefferson Boulevard, Warwick through Cranston and Providence, looking good to 95 in

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