Water Cooler: Palm Springs, The Beach House, The Old Guard, Gamemaster, The Alienist, Tesla, The Right Stuff, Supermarket Sweep, Wet Hot American Summer - burst 15

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And people to form two groups so turns weekend last weekend. We had a I set. Zeros is where you create characters. Characters and build your world and establish rules and boundaries and this weekend on Saturday on Sunday. I'm running gains running game of blades in the dark on Saturday, which they fantasy horror, crime game, and then I am running alien based on the film franchise on Sunday so be a big guys next week as the house goes, but it's like I have been building. Google Docs have been blamed plans I've been just It's been a lot of fun infant really. Focus on a project again. Brad to play. Brad Brad Brad in the dark game, so he'll be able to tell you how. Are you. I'm. Anderson Dragons and the dungeon master was not exciting, didn't really seem like to know how to make it fun or engaging in any way, and I've seen various like

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