The Fat burn Fix And Our Growing Susceptibility To Viral Infections - With Dr. Cate Shanahan


Welcome to the model. Show this fitness and nutrition expert Shawn Stevenson and I'm so grateful to be tuning today. This episode here I am so pumped about. This is one of my favorite physicians. One of my favorite scientists and she's got a new project is really helping shed some light on a very very misunderstood topic in this the topic of body, fat. Sustain that we tend to see is a very cosmetic target is a very cosmetic issue for hundreds of millions of people right now, but in truth, our body fat is a major player in so many different dynamic ways as far as our health as far as our ability to fight infections, viral infections, even and I think that this is going to be incredibly enlightening and something that you're going to walk away with having a better understanding of this. Incredible tissue that we're all carrying around in what's led to the surplus that were carrying around for many of us, and also some more intelligent ways that we can address this in not just for cosmetic issues, but to truly get our society healthier. And hope that you've been employing different strategies to get yourself healthy right now, and also your loved ones. It's more important than ever to reach out. Make sure that our friends and family are doing some of the basic necessities of just getting some fresh air, going out and walk move their bodies, engaging in some stress management practices, and we've done episodes dedicated to these things, and also making sure that they're getting in some high-quality foods as well as supersport right now, but we just recently went on our first outing since the corn team began first outing to a restaurant with our FRIZZ nextdoor, nextdoor, neighbours, families both wint. And it was very a felt like I was visiting another planet, I definitely felt a little bit like that scene and back to the future when Michael J. Fox goes back to pass, and he's got like a has met suit on, and he winds up in a barn, and these folks happened upon him in his hands. Matsue with this delorean in the sign has his comic book. which is like the cover? The Comic Book Kinda shows what the future looks like are. These alien invaders look like. So just to get into the restaurant you walk through. The. Lobby is about five feet of lobby, and you have to wear masks. Go through the five feet, but then there people already there sitting at tables there socially distance. Of course you know one table apart, but they've got. You know they don't have mask on because you can eat with a mask on yet. Until maybe we get permanent mass installed on her face faces in little openings, but the science there. Wasn't really accurate. You know like that five feet, but then once you go pacify feet. Take your mask off, and you can each her. You know whatever your therefore, but he's a very strange experience. Because the waitress had on, the has metsu she had on the face shield. She had on the mask at that point I was like why be here in like there's so much that goes into it, and it's so abnormal. We should just go ahead and you know. Make dinner ourselves have family. Get together something like that. It's just an added. stressor is so much uncertainty in all. The tables had to be labeled that this table has been sanitized in, you know. We've hit it with the flame thrower all these different stuff just to feel comfortable going outside, and it was like this was like a you know there's a strip mall and everybody is just a very dystopia and situation, and this is the situation that we're facing right now. There is a very infectious. Virus that is that we're dealing with as a society and at its core. We Really WanNA. Look at this what we've been dedicated to. How do we get our citizens healthier? so that were not as susceptible to this virus in the mini viruses that are to come because this is right now. This is just the first of many that we're going to be faced with as humanity you know, and the thing that is overlooked in that I've really been working to up level the conversation is. As a species? What are the things that make us more susceptible to viral infections? What are the things that we can do to help? Improve our bodies response because in truth we've had such a relationship with viruses throughout human evolution that we are in fact, the human genome is eight percent over eight percent in dodge in his viruses that we are. Our genome is made of. We've had such interaction with viruses. We are made viruses on that level talking about our human genome, what our jeans are made of the human genes with the things that make us human. We're part virus. And even more tangible aspect because I think there's really a hard pill for us to swallow as society right now that we are virus ourselves. But you know this is something that we can test track now. We have some affirmation to the fact that we all are carrying upwards of three hundred trillion virus particles in and on our bodies all the time. We are. We're like a playground for viruses and. Pathogenic! Many of them Symbiotic. But this equation really plays into. How healthy are we interact with other people's virus load? How healthy are we or what can happen to damage our health immune system health that even the pathogenic viruses that were carrying right now can become opportunistic and take advantage of our system and make us sick.

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