GSMC Football Podcast Episode 614: Franchise Tag Showdown - burst 04


So. Lastly in terms of deals. Derrick Henry. Twenty four hours the trade deadline. People thought he was playing on the franchise tag air, even reporting, he will probably on the franchise tag, but a miracle happened. He's now staying Tennessee for a long time. I believed was A. I believe a four year you were full. Fifty million dollars doesn't make him the highest pavement like in terms like. Zeke Elliott would it does put him in the top five. Obviously is twenty five point five million guaranteed. He and he had a top five salary. Obviously Derrick Henry. We remember what he did last year. We remember how. Who Single. You could even say brought Tennessee to AFC championship game. He put them on their back in wrote them there. Everybody thinks Tennessee definitely got a great deal done with him today talking him in Tannahill Long-term so. That will probably be your backfield for the years to come in Tennessee Ryan Tannehill and Derrick. Henry and we'll have to see if maybe potentially they can give them that same magic. They get this past year being able to get to the. Playoffs and then being able to make run. A lot of people may not feel like that's possible. I think that's going to happen again, but you don't want to sleep the possibility. He never want to sit here and just assume something is not going to work. I definitely think that this could work and we're going to have to see. Again how it Kinda turns out how it all kind of goes because. Lis- both these guys like I said I've done a lot for the respective franchises. and. Now Tennessee you know with with might may rue who I Philip is a very underrated but top coach. In this game you know in the way he is and the way he's coached the team. Giving them the opportunity to say okay, YOU'RE A to franchise cornerstones offense.

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