GSMC Football Podcast Episode 614: Franchise Tag Showdown - burst 06


Dak Prescott, and Dallas Cowboys also King Henry Derrick. Henry gets paid by Tennessee for years fifty, million, twenty, five guaranteed, obviously, the man who single-handedly took Tennessee Titans. All the way to the AFC championship game gets paid now. He has a top-five salary for running backs and then another guy who got paid myles Garrett One, hundred, twenty, five, million over one, hundred, million, guaranteed obviously making him one of the highest. Highest paid defensive ends in the game. Obviously, the highest paid young defense have been in the game today, so obviously a lot of people getting paid also Chris Jones. Another star defensive tackle got paid as well so as you can tell. People were getting their money yesterday after gang franchise tag and Alonso four so about three to four more players happier today while I said, Dak and the others are not. But now we're GONNA get to some of the NFL PA, obviously regarding the season updating in the league and etc.. We're going to talk about. This story that was written about a report that the Kobe nineteen injury, this nation, a major sticking point NFL negotiations. An

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