Replay Ep 63: Try Everything With Natasha Rothwell



Hey everyone, we are off this week and we're going to be re airing some of our favorite episodes from the last couple of years so today. Please enjoy this episode from March Twenty nineteen with Natasha Rothwell. Welcome to forever thirty five a podcast about the things we do to take care of ourselves, I'm Jewish freer. I'm Kate Spencer and we are not experts. Soap were two friends who like to talk about serums. We are kate. How's it going? Dory and listeners. I have a cold I sound like I have a cold and I feel like I. Have, but it's okay because that's all I have. Yeah trying to reframe Dory and you cozy. I'm in sweatpants, sweatshirt and my sleeping bags slippers that I bought on Amazon. So I'm drinking bone, broth and lemon water. And just try to hydrate. And get this thing to go away, but I'm a little a little out of it. You know when you have a cold when you take a cold medicine. Yeah, you're not sure if you're on the planet yet. I do so am I recording this podcast or am I in space? TB find out by the end of the show indeed. To also the anniversary of my mom's my mom's death, but I'm okay. But you very kindly brought me flowers and lane. Who assist US brought me treats. So Nice you're so nice though shoutout to friends who do nice things on weekdays. Another friend sent me a letter. They online at she wrote. Do not open until. He was very touched and we got a lot of questions about like. How do I show up for a friend? WHO's grieving. And I think just showing up. Just show up little. Little notes of CARE is really special. I think so. Thank you friends. You are so welcome and the flowers you brought our gorge. Thanks can tell you a secret. Yes, I got them at target a WHOA. Hello Target. Department now their stomach ache like you picked on a wild flower farms well I, saw them and I was like these guys cockpit them on a wildfire. There like locally grown like targets target has. A deal with a local. Lower for sure. That's what they're calling. Do I know what else is happening with you I'll Dory I. as many listeners are aware, have been really struggling with my place diet culture in my own disordered, eating his shoes, and my self image, and I had a great session with my therapist. Good, who is just the best, and I'm really enjoying reading intuitive eating. And set up a consultation with A. nutritionist? Focuses on mindful eating and health at any size cool. Who knows if I'll pursue that, but I just wanted to take that step and see what that would be about amazing so. I am also I've been cooking a couple of things just like. Honoring the idea of like eating things that make me feel good that I want I made this oatmeal that I love made a really lovely bean Masala last night. I can link to both of those recipes, and you know what else story I want. A Red Lip from hourglass I saw it I had never worn it. I pulled it out of my makeup. Container thinking it was an eyeliner and then I was like. Oh, it's a red lip. Put this on. and. We should say sent it to us. They sponsors of the show. Yes, this was a furry be. Thank you for clarifying Oh. You're so welcome about I had never had never worn it. I'm always very timid when it comes to read lips and I was also wearing a red shirt I was unsure I posed the question to our instagram. Can I wear a red shirt and a red lip? Everybody said yes. You Look Great. I loved this lip color. You look great I loved it again will link to it on or what? It was it was a great read and it. I don't totally know the right terms, but I think with the word I'm looking for is very pigmented, so it stayed on, wasn't it? It was had a very. Lasting power, but it was not drying. That is unusual I'm definitely going to wear this color again. I look forward to seeing it on. Yes, you just show up next next recording. In a red lease! Do you were in new? York? I was traveling pregnant.

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